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“The Language of Hollywood”

Or how to traverse through a bit of film history via virtual reality. Thanks to , I had an enjoyable five weeks studying for Wesleyan University‘s course “The Language of Hollywood: Storytelling, Sound and Color”. This included watching films starting from the silent era to the early days of sound and color. So in all, a bit of the film school experience in the digital realm.

00 - ACCOMPLISHMENT certificate

My Super 8 Movie Contest

How an idea turns into reality! I posted a message on the Facebook pages of Pro8mm – a leading California based film services company specializing in Super 8 film – about why now is a good time for people to share their Super 8 films timed with the release of the Steven Spielberg-produced and J J Abrams directed “Super 8”. And as Pro8mm’s Phil Vigeant replied, “Ask and you shall receive!” announcing the “My Super 8 Movie” contest. So thats where I uploaded my Super 8 film CHASE. To learn more about CHASE, see the earlier blog entry “Super 8 Dreams Forever”

Here are screen shots from the Facebook entries that inspired this global contest.

01 My Super 8 Film

02 My Super 8 Film