2012 – PX3 – People’s Choice









Tripping The Light Fantastic

2012 PX3 – People’s Choice Awards

1st Category Winner / Gold (Fine Art) / Silver (Other) : Book (Series Only)
Silver (Abstract) / Silver (Other) : Fine Art Pro

01 Tripping - PX3 Peoples

02 Tripping - PX3 Peoples

03 Tripping - PX3 Peoples

04 Tripping - PX3 Peoples

05 Tripping - PX3 Peoples

2012 PX3 – Juried Awards

Bronze winner – Professional – Book (Series) – Others category

F1 to the Future

2012 PX3 – People’s Choice Awards

Gold (Documentary) / Gold (Other) : Book (Series Only)
Gold (Architecture) / Bronze (Other) : Fine Art Pro
Gold (Sports) : Press Pro

F1 to the Future : India’s growing position as a rising economy was further enhanced when the country joined the global fraternity of nations that host the glamorous and big money extravaganza of Formula One racing. Held near New Delhi, the inaugural Indian F1 Grand Prix took place in October 2011 at the Buddh International Circuit, spread over 874 acres and estimated to have cost $215 million to build. Designed by renowned German architect and racetrack designer, Herman Tilke, BIC was praised by F1 drivers and observers as a state-of-the-art facility.
While construction was still ongoing, I had the rare chance to photograph the site as an army of workers were speeding up to finish the project on time. With F1 fever in full swing, promotional events included a special run of the Red Bull racing car on one of New Delhi’s historic boulevards, Raj Path, near the colonial landmark structures of India Gate and the President’s estate. The F1 race and BIC went on to dazzle both India and the world. But I was drawn to the unique intersection of two cultures: the high-speed and high-tech world of F1 and the timeless traditions and social reality of India. The shimmering bangles of a newly married Indian bride posing with an F1 car made for a unique visual statement. But photographing a lone worker gazing into infinity sitting under the barricades of the freshly built BIC track made me wonder: Will F1 take him to the future too?

01 F1 - PX3 Peoples

02 F1 - PX3 Peoples

03 F1 - PX3 Peoples

04 F1 - PX3 Peoples

05 F1 - PX3 Peoples

Toons to the Future

2012 PX3 – People’s Choice Awards

Bronze (Feature Story) / Silver (Other) : Press Pro

Toons to the Future : As India increasingly becomes part of the global village, the cultural evolution is obvious, especially amongst urban society. India now has its own Comic Con, a festive event celebrating all manner of comic book culture and geekdom, complete with fanboys and fangirls in costume competitions, portraying their favorite cartoons and superheros. But its not just Hollywood imports and western icons that are omnipresent. Indian heritage offers a universe of possibilities, just as a new breed of creative talent are unleashing a rich variety of homegrown characters, thus powering toon culture into the future. Move over Superman, here comes Superkudi (“Kudi” being the North Indian Punjabi word for girl). Dressed in a striking blue salwar kameez – a traditional Indian outfit – with a flourishing red chunni (scarf) styled as a cape, the buxom Superkudi served as the mascot for Comic Con India and easily bedazzled Superman who posed in front of his female avatar. But when I spotted a lone worker cleaning the shiny display stall for The Avengers, I wondered, can the magic of toons take him to the future too?

01 Toons - PX3 Peoples

02 Toons - PX3 Peoples

03 Toons - PX3 Peoples

04 Toons - PX3 Peoples

05 Toons - PX3 Peoples

Anil Kapoor

2012 PX3 – People’s Choice Awards
Gold (People/Personality) / Gold (Other) : Press Pro

Anil Kapoor : One of India’s most popular actors with a career spanning three decades, Anil Kapoor arrived on the international scene with his appearance in “Slumdog Millionaire”. As one of the rare actors to have his feet firmly planted in mainstream commercial Bollywood cinema while making inroads into Hollywood, Kapoor is constantly balancing two worlds. And thus going global in the process.

01 Anil Kapoor - PX3 Peoples

02 Anil Kapoor - PX3 Peoples

03 Anil Kapoor - PX3 Peoples

Lady Gaga’s Delhi Durbar

2012 PX3 – People’s Choice Awards

Silver (People/Personality) : Press Pro
Silver (Personality) : Portraiture

Lady Gaga’s Delhi Durbar : Pop royalty holds court (or as the Mughals say, Durbar) in Delhi during Lady Gaga’s first visit to India in October 2011.

Lady Gaga - PX3 Peoples



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