2013 – IPA

"...Because They Take Themselves Lightly" The interplay of light and movement. 2013 International Photography Awards : Honorable Mention - Fine Art (Other) 01 Lightly IPA2013 02 Lightly IPA201303 Lightly IPA201304 Lightly IPA201305 Lightly IPA2013   "E-2 the Future" 2013 International Photography Awards : Honorable Mention - Deeper Perspective As if in sync with a changing India, our family home saw a complete transformation as we embarked on a two year construction project which offered a visual and sensory feast, sometimes bordering on overload. But more importantly, the experience gave us all an opportunity to unburden ourselves of the restrictions of the past in preparation for a journey into the future. In effect, house number 2 in E block was seeking new directions. A construction project in India is, to say the least, a chaotic, colorful event as mostly rural migrant workers create urban dreams. A worker holding up a light bulb as his comrades labored late into the night made for a striking image. And it made me wonder, will the light take them to the future too? "E-2 the Future" is an extension of my earlier multiple award-winning series "F1 to the Future", "T3 to the Future" and "Toons to the Future" which present a fresh perspective on how - despite the odds - India is evolving, while debunking stereotypical views about the country. 01 E-2theFuture IPA2013 02 E-2theFuture IPA2013 03 E-2theFuture IPA2013 04 E-2theFuture IPA2013 05 E-2theFuture IPA2013   Awards 2013 - IPA 2013 - PX3 - People's Choice Awards 2012 - IPA 2012 - PX3 - Jury Awards 2012 - PX3 - People's Choice Awards 2011 - IPA Awards 2010 - PX3 - People's Choice Awards