From Connect to Connectment

Connectment Films is the evolution of Connect Magazine which was co-founded by Nyay Bhushan in November 1990. Yes, it was way ahead of its time, billed as India’s first magazine on global entertainment, launching just months before satellite television signals began beaming into India starting with CNN’s coverage of the Gulf War. The resulting explosion of entertainment channels coupled with the consumer boom fanned by the arrival of multi-national brands reinforced Connect’s vision of offering a unique Indian perspective on this paradigm shift in culture and lifestyle trends.

It goes without saying that the Nineties are considered India’s defining decade in which the country began to seek a new identity in the age of globalization. This was reflected in Connect’s brand mantra: ‘India’s Voice in the Global Village’.

The biggest impact was in how a new entertainment culture was being consumed by a generation coming of age in a globalized world. A defining moment occurred in 1993 when Jurassic Park became the first Hollywood film to be dubbed in Hindi which introduced a new cinematic experience to a wider audience.

Steven Spielberg was voted Entertainer of the Year in Connect’s annual reader’s poll. So of course, Connect had to reach out to Spielberg for a message. And this is what he shared:

“My warmest thanks to the readers of Connect for choosing me as Entertainer of the Year. I am especially thrilled about this, because Jurassic Park marked the first time one of my films was able to reach the vast Indian public. I am told that audiences all over the country reached to it with great enthusiasm, and I find that truly gratifying.” – Steven Spielberg

Then came another seismic shift. The Internet. And suddenly the word ‘Connect’ took on a new connotation. As dial-up modems began to crackle and hiss, the infobahn was being paved. And Connect hit the cyber highway in 1995, becoming the first Indian print magazine to launch a website. Yes, again it was ahead of its time in foreseeing that the future was in binary ones and zeros.
Within months, Connect was voted as one of the Top 500 Film and Video websites on the internet.

The latter half of the Nineties saw Connect migrating fully to digital building on its credo of offering an Indian voice in cyberia – it was a cool word back then.

As the new millennium rolled in, content became the new cool word. And yes, Connect was ready for another brand evolution. Connectment Films was launched just as digital democratization began to impact film-making.
Connectment presented an Indian perspective with its short films on global platform Filmaka, which seeks out film-makers with regular thematic contests. Filmaka is spearheaded by LA-based producer Deepak Nayar whose various credits include Bend it Like Beckham and Netflix series Sense8.

As cinema undergoes possibly its most dramatic shift, thanks to streaming, the future is again unpredictable, yet exciting.
And Connectment has a brand mantra as we embark on this journey: Connect with content that gives you contentment.