I love to travel across dimensions :
the moving and the still / the east and the west / the inner and the outer / the masculine and the feminine / the spiritual and the sensuous.
These inter-dimensional experiences nourish my visual expressions, whether as films or fine-art photographs.
But most of all, I am grateful to you for joining me on my travels.

As a self-taught film-maker and photographer, Nyay Bhushan brings a cinematic aesthetic to photography.

His varied series of works spanning multiple genres have garnered over 30 honors at the International Photography Awards, the Prix de la Photographie Paris – PX3 – Awards and the Photography Masters Cup.

A selection of Nyay’s photographs of a performance by renowned Swiss choreographer Philippe Saire were featured in promotional material by the India office of PRO HELVETIA, the Swiss Arts Council.

As the founder of Connectment Films, Nyay’s short films have participated in Filmaka, a global film-making initiative promoted by Hollywood-based producer Deepak Nayar (credits include Buena Vista Social Club, Bend It Like Beckham).

Nyay is based in New Delhi, India.

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