I Am That

Creating alternative realities is a natural step in seeking escape from the mundane. While India already has a rich heritage in creating such alternatives, either through religion or other narratives, a new paradigm has emerged based on pop culture powered by globalization. India’s Comic Con is a colorful altworld where a plethora of ‘cosplayers’ externalize their inner heroes, heroines, villains and just about any character that merits exposure. I have photographed Comic Con since it was launched in 2011 marvelling at the creative expressions and enthusiasm of fanboys and fangirls.

But its not just Hollywood imports and western icons that are omnipresent. The rich legacy of Indian mythology, epics and homegrown comics also add their unique colors and flavors. This is where Lord Krishna brushes shoulders with a Jedi knight. Because at Comic Con India, the force is with everyone.

This annual celebration of a constantly evolving and dynamic parallel universe has given me the opportunity to capture the visual diversity and richness of a new generation that seems to have found a balance between Indian tradition and western popular culture. I see this photo series as an invitation to the world to discover a new side to India. This new dimension is liberating considering the overdose of stereotypical images of India that have been propagated in the past.

A selection of images from this series were featured in The Hollywood Reporter.

Prix de la Photographie Paris Awards – PX3 – People’s Choice Awards : Bronze (Feature Story) | Silver (Other)

International Photography Awards 2012 : Honorable Mention : Editorial (Other) / People (Other)