Pho Graphe

Because at its essence, photography is about painting with light considering its definition in Latin: ‘pho’ for light and ‘graphe’ for drawing or painting.

Tripping the Light Fantastic

An interplay of light and movement. Photographed at a performance by Aditi Mangaldass titled ‘Timeless’ at the Danse Dialogues Indo-French contemporary dance festival held in 2011.

International Photography Awards 2012: Honorable Mention : Fine Art (Abstract)

Prix de la Photographie Paris 2012 PX3 : Book (Series Only): 1st Category Winner / Gold (Fine Art) / Silver (Other) | Fine Art Pro: Silver (Abstract) / Silver (Other)

Prix de la Photographie Paris 2012 Juried Awards: Bronze winner – Professional – Book (Series) – Others category

…Because They Take Themselves Lightly

This performance titled ‘A Male Ant Has Straight Antennae’ choreographed by Mandeep Raikhy featured lighting design by Swiss lighting designer Jonathan O’ Hear. The ensemble dance piece explored notions of masculinity through stereotypes, games, touch and relationships. Jonathan O’ Hear designed an elaborate lighting rig for the performance lending a gritty, urban setting. The performance was preceded by a workshop by O’ Hear titled ‘Light as an Artistic Medium’ which attempted to understand how one can use light as an artistic medium for stage performances, as objects, and in life. The title of this photo series was inspired by the saying, “Angels can fly because they take themselves lightly.”

International Photography Awards 2013 – Honorable Mention – Fine Art

Photography Masters Cup 2013 – 7th Annual Photography Masters Cup – Nominee – Abstract (Pro category)

Postcards from Tron

A tribute to the iconic visual wizardry of the TRON movies, the groundbreaking 1982 original and the 2010 remake. All effects are in-camera, with minimal retouching, by capturing various forms of light at long exposure.


“Not of this world”. “Extremely delicate and light in a way that seems too perfect for this world.” “Characterized by unusual lightness and delicacy.”
These could well be odes to the dazzling artistry and persona of Michael Jackson. As satellites in outer space beam down millions of pixels of his iconic videos to our television screens, it seems Michael is indeed ethereal, showering his glow on the planet. Attempting to “screen-capture” the fluidity and luminance of his visual style, this “motion picture” series marks five years of his passing from matter to ether.

International Photography Awards 2014: Honorable Mention – Special/Other category

India Gate Lights