Planet Earth is in peril.

The water crisis is a serious threat.

A mighty force is needed to eliminate this danger.

Wait. There seems to be one solution. From a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. As the legend goes, a young moisture farmer on a remote desert planet spent his days operating ‘moisture vaporators’. These relatively simple devices were used to harvest excess atmospheric humidity.
You probably have a present day version: the compression unit of an air-conditioner which discharges condensation.
Every time I see condensation water dripping from an AC unit, I am reminded of moisture vaporators on Tatooine. And how that farm boy discovered the power of The Force.

Last summer, I started preserving the water draining out of my home air conditioning unit by storing it in a container placed under the water outlet pipe. The water was mostly used for plant irrigation. I reckon that in the peak of the sizzling Indian summer with the AC blasting almost non-stop, the amount of water collected would easily touch over a couple of litres (almost a gallon) per day.
Multiply that over five to six months of the hot season and you can see how much water you can conserve.

India is estimated to have about 28 million AC units installed with this number expected to touch about 50 million in a couple of years. Imagine how many AC units exist worldwide. That’s a lot of moisture vaporators!

So on this Star Wars Day, May 4, 2015, its time to take this initiative across the planet. If your AC is letting out this precious commodity to waste, do something about it. Preserve it by placing a pot of flowers under it and you have your own drip irrigation solution.

Caution: AC condensation has limited applications and is NOT fit for human consumption. Read more about how to use this water.

Share pictures of how you are saving water. Use the Twitter hashtag #TheForceForWater and be creative with your pictures! Here are some of mine – see that moisture farmer?