‘Mango Shake’ – Bandra Film Festival x YouTube

The rhythm of life is always an open invitation for you to let go and immerse in the moment. I made ‘Mango Shake’ as an expression of what it means to be in sync with the sounds and colors of India, while capturing a moment in time in 2008 when my visual inspirations were being defined by the synthesis of moving and still images. That was when DSLR cameras had become ubiquitous, leading me to blend my photography with video, especially when creating stop motion sequences or “motion pictures”.

‘Mango Shake’ is a trippy ride capturing the myriad flavours of Delhi set to the music of Italian DJ Maurizio Dami and his ensemble of artist groups from his Hot Elephant label which include Masala, The Third Planet and E.A.S.Y (Elephants Are Sometimes Young) serving up a delectable mix of east and west. (Yes, the film has an unplanned sequence with an elephant).

It is indeed serendipitous that ‘Mango Shake’ is being showcased at the Bandra Film Festival as part of a two film collection titled Music for the Soul which highlights the acclaimed documentary ‘Pancham Unmixed’ directed by Brahmanand Singh. The film celebrates the legacy of the iconic Rahul Dev Burman, or Pancham as he was fondly called, a true pioneer in blending east and west with his legendary tunes which redefined the very soundscape of Indian cinema as he continues to remain an eternal inspiration.

Another cause for celebration is that the launch of Pancham Unmixed and Mango Shake by the festival is timed to celebrate the maestro’s birthday on 27 June.

Launched in February 2021 by FilmKaravan in association with YouTube, the Bandra Film Festival is a year-long initiative which is showcasing a selection of films from diverse film-makers which are being seen in a new light. Abhay Deol is the festival’s brand ambassador.

‘Mango Shake’ went live on June 27 and played on BFF till October 6.