“Origins” – British Council exhibition

My great-grandfather Vasu Deva Sharma’s photo (taken in Berlin in the 1920s) is featured in the PHOTOUKINDIA ORIGINS exhibition and its catalog. Presented by the British Council and the Alkazi Foundation, Origins features works by Indian and UK photographers. The exhibition is among the partner events of the 2015 Delhi Photo Festival. I contributed twoContinue reading ““Origins” – British Council exhibition”

Vasu Deva Sharma

Vasu Deva Sharma My great grand-father Vasu Deva Sharma led a very fascinating life given that he was one of the rare Indians in his time who studied at the Royal College of Art in London in the 1920s. Pursuing his passion for art, after his RCA graduation he traveled widely across Europe before returningContinue reading “Vasu Deva Sharma”