Photography, Italian style

A one day photography workshop was organised by the Italian Design Agency in association with the Instituto Italiano di Fotografia (IIF) as part of the I.Dot Italian Design showcase held in New Delhi.

The photography session was conducted by recent IIF graduates on their first India visit. Now it just so happened that a day before the workshop, I saw “Nine”, the musical film by Rob Marshall (he of “Chicago” fame) which is based on the hit Broadway musical in turn inspired by Federico Fellini’s “8 1/2” and all things glamorous in sixties Italy.

So I paid my own tribute to Italy’s golden era of cinema and style, especially when I found my muse, Veronica Romitelli, an IIF photographer who gladly modeled for me.

000 Italiaweb

The interactive session included participants’ interpretation of any of the exhibited Italian design products. This is my take on a lamp which I thought had a “gravitational pull” as experienced by Milann T John.

008 Italia blog

Of course, another highlight of the day was the indulgent pizza lunch at Diva.

DSC_0174 webfnl

The artist with his muse…


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