Super 8 Dreams Forever

The classic Super 8 film format inspired many directors to chase their celluloid dreams in their formative years. While video cameras long replaced Super 8, the format has still survived amongst professionals for all kinds of projects, such as music videos, commercials and short films.

Hollywood has flirted with films based on the format, most notably the dark 1999 thriller 8mm starring Nicolas Cage. But Super 8 directed by J J Abrams and produced by Steven Spielberg brings back memories of a golden era. Spielberg and Abrams are indulging in their boyhood fantasies by unspooling a story set in the late 70s about a hush-hush UFO/Area 51 coverup. The story revolves around a bunch of kids toying around with their – what else? – Super 8 cameras who accidentally film something ‘alien’ and ‘sinister’…

Anyway, I filmed something quite terrestrial in my first Super 8 movie, Chase, made in the early 80s featuring a jewelery heist, runaway cars and exploding helicopters…

The hand-drawn poster for Chase

Behind-the-scenes production stills from the Chase shoot. My younger brother Niket handled the cars and helicopters in addition to painting the backdrops and illustrating the poster.  (Talk about boys with toys…)

One of the top brands of the Super 8 era, the Austrian-made Eumig projector screening some clips I shot in 1990 in London’s Piccadilly Circus featuring street performers.

And here is a Super 8-inspired montage I made for a DVD menu.

One thought on “Super 8 Dreams Forever

  1. Bravo! You actually dug out the vintage footage and photos and blogged them! Should have also shown a shot of the manual splicer, cutting and pasting edits with scissors and chemicals. Must also mention how the film had to be couriered abroad for processing as such facilities weren’t available in India at that time. Was it a silent movie, or did you strip in a sound-strip later? Anyways, you must also publish the second short-film you made decades later for the digital film festival.

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