The Fabelmans and Me

Movies are dreams that you never forget. That is the core of The Fabelmans in which Steven Spielberg takes you on a memorable journey inspired by his formative years when he discovered movie magic. The magic was indeed unforgettable for the generation that grew up with Super 8 cameras which pioneered the home movie revolutionContinue reading “The Fabelmans and Me”

Orienting Hollywood

Did you know that the history between Hollywood and the Bombay film industry goes back a century? For the first time, this ongoing “close encounter” has been discussed in the well-researched book Orienting Hollywood, throwing new light on how this relationship between two giant film industries has evolved over the years. Orienting Hollywood is authoredContinue reading “Orienting Hollywood”

My Super 8 Movie Contest

How an idea turns into reality! I posted a message on the Facebook pages of Pro8mm – a leading California based film services company specializing in Super 8 film – about why now is a good time for people to share their Super 8 films timed with the release of the Steven Spielberg-produced and JContinue reading “My Super 8 Movie Contest”

Super 8 Dreams Forever

The classic Super 8 film format inspired many directors to chase their celluloid dreams in their formative years. While video cameras long replaced Super 8, the format has still survived amongst professionals for all kinds of projects, such as music videos, commercials and short films. Hollywood has flirted with films based on the format, mostContinue reading “Super 8 Dreams Forever”