AK vs AK : F[r]ame

Anurag Kashyap
Anil Kapoor

The visual interpretation of fame has always intrigued me in how those in the spotlight and those living in its reflected glory ‘frame’ themselves to project an image which they hope will stand the test of time.
This has been the focus of my photo series F[r]ame for which I have photographed a mix of stars and the star-struck.

Here’s a look back at the sessions from a decade ago with Anurag Kashyap
and AnilKapoor. At the time, both of them were venturing into international waters, Kashyap with his breakthrough at Cannes with Gangs of Wasseypur and Kapoor with his appearance in Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol following Slumdog Millionaire. My photos of Kapoor received honorable mentions at the International Photography Awards and PX3 Prix de la Photographie Paris.

Today, these images reflect a new resonance in light of their oddball pairing in AK vs AK, not to mention the cheeky promos for the film. Moreover, the film itself takes a zany look at fame and does a great job of deconstructing all notions of stardom for both actors. In the process, you are led to examine your own perspective on what it really means to be in the spotlight.

Take a look at F[r]ame which hopefully should last longer than 15 minutes : https://nyaybhushan.com/frame/