AK vs AK : F[r]ame

The visual interpretation of fame has always intrigued me in how those in the spotlight and those living in its reflected glory ‘frame’ themselves to project an image which they hope will stand the test of time.This has been the focus of my photo series F[r]ame for which I have photographed a mix of starsContinue reading “AK vs AK : F[r]ame”

2012 PX3 People’s Choice Awards

In the 2012 PX3 People’s Choice Awards, my five entries won 16 awards across various categories. The 2012 PX3 PCA saw a total of 22,588 votes. Tripping The Light Fantastic 1st Category Winner / Gold (Fine Art) / Silver (Other) : Book (Series Only) Silver (Abstract) / Silver (Other) : Fine Art Pro F1 toContinue reading “2012 PX3 People’s Choice Awards”