‘Stuck in Inner Traffic’ – Bandra Film Festival x YouTube

Rush hour isn’t always where you think it is. All those loud noises you hear? Those aren’t blaring horns. You’d be surprised where all that ruckus is coming from. Just relax and immerse yourself in this ‘filmaiku’ – where film meets haiku, the Japanese art of meditative poetry.

‘Stuck in Inner Traffic’ came about in the Himalayan foothills where the sound of running water opened new vistas for me.

The film is being showcased at the Bandra Film Festival x YouTube. Launched in February 2021 by FilmKaravan in association with YouTube, the Bandra Film Festival is a year-long initiative which is showcasing a selection of films from diverse film-makers which are being seen in a new light. Abhay Deol is the festival’s brand ambassador.

‘Stuck in Inner Traffic’ played from 13 September – 13 December 2021.