Once Upon a Time

‘Once Upon a Time’ is a photo series that celebrates all things timeless. This black and white image was photographed on a foggy winter’s day in Delhi’s Mehrauli Archeological Park, a setting which has witnessed many a historical event over time. The series also includes a photograph of Jaipur’s iconic Jantar Mantar which was designed to unravel the mystery of measuring time.

‘Once Upon a Time’ is available as art prints in addition to other mediums such as home decor items including wall clocks, apparel and accessories such as tote bags.

The collection is available via my Society6 store.

Perfectly timed with festive season shopping, a Society6 customer recently purchased an art print of the black and white image from the series, just the right touch to enhance fall/winter aesthetics.

The image of Jaipur’s Jantar Mantar is also available as prints and other items.

The image of this iconic sundial on a wall clock makes just the right statement about the concept of time.